What is Being Said About Jaffa Road...

“True professionals and talented artists, Jaffa Road represents the best of the Canadian world music scene. Their unique sound, energy, and ability to connect with audiences combine to make a memorable performance. I recommend them without hesitation!”   -Jenna Roebuck, Executive Director, Dawson City Music Festival

“Jaffa Road at  Blue Skies Music Festival was beyond magical...with the music from around the world drifted through the crowds....bringing them down from their campsites, or just in the audience to dance, you just can’t help sway your hips, and be so mesmerized, you think you are in Israel or Turkey or Blue Skies Music Fesitval....it was pure  magic!”  -Julia Phillips, Artistic Director, Blue Skies Music Festival

“Jaffa Road exemplified professionalism in every way and The Deep Roots Music Festival could not be happier with their performances this year. What stands out even more than their exceptional abilities is their competence and willingness to work with others: exactly what our festival is all about!” -Dave Caremichael, Artistic Director – Deep Roots Music Festival – Wolfville Nova Scotia
"An ace band that churns out a highly textured cinematic fusion of Arabic, Indian, Jazz, Blues, electronica, and rock. That list might make your head spin, but rest assured that Jaffa Road's thoughtful, beautifully crafted music will not."  Errol Nazareth, Music Columnist CBC Radio and Toronto Sun.





“Jaffa Road blends Jewish, jazz, Indian and Arabic music with electronica and dub. The result is fantastic.”  -CBC Radio One


Click here to read the full page feature article about Jaffa Road in the Toronto Star. 

“Jaffa Road plumbs the history of diverse cultures for inspiration, reviving ancient wisdom in ways resonant with a cosmopolitan city like contemporary Toronto...there are ideas there that apply as much to the making of a community, and a world, as they do to making music”. Jim Coyle – Toronto Star

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